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What's different about Flourish?


We specialise in coaching, consulting, training design and facilitation by using Positive Psychology and

a scientific, evidence-based approach to enhance individual and organisational flourishing.


Led by Joanna Williams, Flourish partners with a diverse pool of associates from across the globe.

All associates hold degrees in Psychology, Health or Sociology,

and/or international accreditation with ICF or EMCC as a minimum requirement.



There is great potential… how might it be unleashed?


I desire things to be different.


I feel stuck right now.

I want to grow professionally.

A lot of change is happening - how to navigate it?

I'm transitioning into a new stage in life.


What are the pathways to flourishing?


Who am I, and how am I showing up in life?

Does this resonate? If so, a committed and co-created coaching partnership could be suitable for you. Professional coaching can provide a confidential space to listen, empathise and engage in deep conversation to hold a space for you to discover new perspectives and opportunities. 


You may be an individual who is curious to explore coaching for the first time, or a well-seasoned coachee looking for new approaches to nourishing your flourishing. Perhaps you are a team looking to raise awareness, enhance wellbeing and discover new ways of doing things - by making choices and taking action to be your best selves in private, professional and community life.

On request, we incorporate licensed 360° feedback, leadership, talent and strengths assessment psychometrics. We also specialise in coaching neurodivergent adults, including those who experience Sensory Processing Sensitivity or who identify with the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait.


To find out how evidence-based Positive Psychology coaching could work for you, or raising awareness on what neurodiversity/ neurodivergence is, please contact us for a free 20-minute sample session or more information.




Positive Psychology Defined

Coaching Defined

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Team Meeting


Our consulting services help organisations to flourish.


We offer an approach to:

  • identify pathways for solving complex issues through a strengths-based lens of what's strong (rather than a deficit-based view that only focuses on gaps or what's wrong)

  • create value for employees, customers and stakeholders

  • improve and maintain sustainable business performance

Leveraging over two decades of international strategic business and senior leadership experience, we provide evidence-based consulting grounded in the latest research on human and organisational flourishing. We support organisational design (including people/HR strategies), conduct research, facilitate positive change via Appreciative Inquiry, help business transformations, and enable organisations to develop specialist skills that may currently be lacking in the areas of wellbeing, leadership development, employee engagement, positive change management, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and neurodiversity at work.

To find out more about how Positive Psychology enables flourishing organisations, please contact us for a conversation.


Training & Facilitation

We design and facilitate training programs to promote and support individual and team (or group) flourishing. At the heart of our training culture is enabling psychologically safe and interactive learning environments for individuals to explore, discover and experiment with new skills, behaviours and learnings.

Examples of specialist areas include:

  • Positive Psychology for Wellbeing, Sustainable Performance and Flourishing

  • Positive Leadership Development

  • Transitions and Change

  • Empathy and Compassion

  • Team Development

  • Mentoring programs 

  • Neurodiversity & Neurodivergence: Creating Neuroinclusive Workplaces

Our rich learning journeys embed evidence-based models and a 5-step methodology to facilitate the learning of new knowledge and skills, while focusing on the individual's commitment to make choices, take action and transfer increased awareness into daily life in practical ways.

As required, we conduct needs analyses and training evaluations to assess impact and transfer, and offer tailor-made interventions as well as generic programs. Face-to-face (on-site) and virtual (online) methods are available.

With over two decades of professional experience in training design and facilitation, please contact us to find out how we can support your learning and development needs.

Staff Meeting
Trainig & Facilitation

Get in touch to schedule an appointment

Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your own flourishing, or an organisation seeking an evidence-based approach towards coaching, consulting and training, we'd love you hear from you. For all coaching clients, we offer a free 20-minute "chemistry" session, as well as a variety of packages to meet specific needs.


For our pricing structure or further information, please get in touch.

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